Effective Marketing Starts Within

Successful businesses are cohesive—each department performing its role, all the people communicating well, and everybody understanding what the company stands for. Without a team that fully gets the essence of what a business does, having an effective marketing strategy is almost impossible. At the very least, there would be miscommunication and misunderstandings that would get in the way. A Washington Post article thereby stresses the importance of having conversations with your team—and not just customers—for more seamless marketing.


What you need to work on, therefore, is internal research. Jennifer LoBianco, who wrote the article, is very clear on what is and what is not considered as “research”. Passing comments and a collection of disjointed anecdotes, for example, might give you a glimpse of what your staff members think, but these are not data that would confirm the cohesiveness of your business. LoBianco shares that for research, you need to conduct “in-depth interviews conducted by a third party” for anonymity.

The bottom line: everyone within a company must be somewhere on the same page when it comes to the business. This takes into account the fact that different teams and different levels (e.g. CEOs vs the underlings) might have different functions but should nevertheless be guided by the same goals. Otherwise, actions would clash, defeat each other’s purpose, and altogether be rather ineffective. This is the kind of disharmony that makes for an unsuccessful company.

Of course, the internal conversation is only the first step towards a perfect marketing strategy; it in no way gives you a free pass from communicating with your customers. Information is key to taking your business to the top, and that includes both knowledge on the internal as well as external status of your company. The end goal may be to please the customers, but that doesn’t mean that the only opinion that matters is theirs. Take everything in and be smart with how you use that data.

At the end of the day, what all of this means is simply one thing: effective marketing starts within.

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