5 Reasons You are Losing Your Customers

customer_losing-reasons_6x4When it comes to business, customers are the most important thing to have. It is not just about getting them either but keeping the ones you already have so that your business can keep growing and developing over time. Losing customers is something no business or company ever wants, and if you are losing yours you might be wondering just what the reason behind it is. Here are 5 possible explanations.

Your customer service sucks.

Customer service is one of the biggest headaches in business. It is something that both customers and the employees behind the counter dread facing each day, because it is almost never an easy process trying to make everyone happy. Having a skilled, efficient, and most of all polite team of customer service personnel is not an easy thing to achieve, and employees that can think on their feet and know how to please a customer are really something to be proud of. Are customers streaming right out of your doors towards competition even though you’re selling pretty much the same thing? Maybe your customer service just sucks.

You’re not keeping up.

Business is pretty much a race without an end. You’re always running forwards, trying to move ahead of your competition or at the very least just keep up with the ever-changing trends. There’s always a new piece of technology right around the corner, always another “revolutionary idea” waiting to replace the old one, and if you form a shell around yourself and trap yourself in the past, it is very possible for you to lose your customers one by one. You don’t have to undergo radical changes every other day, but at the same time you don’t let yourself get outdated either. Keep relevant!

The boss treats customers well, but not employees.

In dating, you would have a good idea how nice a person is not by how he treats you or his friends but by how he treats those under his service—waiters, valets, sales clerks, etc. It is the same concept with customers. People appreciate being attended to nicely and politely, especially when it’s manager or the owner making small talk and forging the relationship. However, if that same boss turns around, flips a switch, and starts yelling at his employees, then it’s no better than being rude to the customers themselves. One of the job descriptions of managers and even the owners is keeping the workers in line and chastising them when needed, but there IS a right way of doing it without turning off customers. Be a good leader.

Your products suck.

This one doesn’t really need all that much of an explanation. Horrible products and services = unhappy customers. And when customers feel that their money can fetch them something better somewhere else, then you can expect that they won’t be coming back. If you spend too much time on your commercials, your videos for YouTube, posters from PrintPlace.com, and other marketing strategies, then the quality of your service may suffer and it defeats the main purpose. If you’re all talk and can’t back it up, customers won’t be impressed.

You’re not reaching out to your customers.

If you want customers that will remain faithful to you and not leave you in the lurch, constant communication has to be there between the two of you. An email now and then, a personalized postcard during the holidays, whatever you do, the goal is to make the customers feel that you remember them so that they will remember you too. If you don’t make the effort to keep in touch, you can’t expect your customers to do it for you and they could just end up forgetting you and gravitating towards another company. Keep in mind: it is a harder and more expensive task to get new customers than to keep the ones you already have.

Every new day shows a new face doing business with you as well as old customers turning their backs on you. The trick to staying in business is to make sure that you are getting more of the former than of the latter, and hopefully this list has given you insight on just how to make that happen. Customers are the most important thing to have when you are running a small business; cherish them, make the most of them, and make sure that they won’t have any reason to walk out on you ever again.


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