Marketing with Substance: All about Content

The people of the internet are an insatiable lot, always clicking and always wanting to experience more out of every second they spend online. Because of this, online marketers and businesses are in a constant struggle of producing new content in the hopes of going viral and enticing people to check out their websites. Everything from articles, videos, and even games can fall within content marketing, and it has become apparent that this concept has become so tightly intertwined with online marketing that your site won’t be successful if you don’t understand what great content is and how to share it with your audience. Here are some things on content marketing.

What is content marketing?

 Made up of two very broad and general words, content marketing is a vast concept, and it encompasses any venture that aims to convince customers into buying by passing on interesting pieces of information. The content can simply be shared from another source or can be newly created, and it is usually about relevant issues and facts related to one’s products and services.  In this field, being able to distinguish your posts as great content instead of just good content is very important because customers constantly want to see new things instead of just old and dated reposts.

There are a variety of different types of content that businesses can use for their content marketing. Some of the most commonly used are articles, blog posts, videos, pictures, music, and many more. Each As seen from the infographic, each type of content has a corresponding ease of implementation as well as required attention, and the best type of content for you is dependent on what your business is all about. For example, pictures work great for restaurants and cake shops, because as the saying goes, “people eat with their eyes”.

Building a team.

As with any marketing strategy, how good your team is decides whether or not your efforts will be successful or in vain. In content marketing, it is no different, and you must therefore know how to build a great content marketing team. For this, you would need to be aware of the different skills you would need to look for and gather, and here are some examples of these skills.

  • Creativity. For your content marketing, you need a good number of writers, bloggers, graphics artists, and the like in order to consistently come up with fresh content that people would be interested in. These people should always be brainstorming, developing novel ways of doing and presenting certain concepts, and must ideally never run out of new ideas. It would not do for your team to run dry and be desperate enough to steal content from others and pass it off as their own.
  • Attention to detail. This is important because with the frequency with which businesses and companies produce content, you run the risk of releasing something that has already been tackled, something that completely contradicts an idea you’ve presented before, or simply something that does not meet standards of quality. A content marketing team should always be reviewing and checking existing content in order to stay fresh, relevant, and reliable.
  • Knowledge and skill in SEO and SMO. Having ensured quality content, the next thing to do would be to try and get your work to as many people as possible. This is where SEO and SMO come in, as well as where you can set apart posts that will go viral and posts that will not. If your team can’t get your content to the customers, then there isn’t much point to your content marketing.

Of course, this list is narrowed down to a great extent, and there are certainly more that have just been merged into a single concept or even omitted entirely.

Tips on content marketing.

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